hi there 

Brook Gossen is an artist, surface designer and illustrator who works from her home studio in Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia. She creates fun, colourful, feel-good artworks and simply hopes to brighten the day of anyone who may see her work. She is inspired by the small moments of joy one experiences throughout the day, like fluffy clouds floating in a blue sky, a pretty flower picked while on a walk, the laughter of her children. Brook’s simple and naïve, yet energetic and positive designs can be seen on the thoughtful products of the wonderful companies she collaborates with across the globe. From planners and giftware to clothing and accessories, to homewares to pet products, plus many more, her art can bring a little joy to your day too.  

Brook’s colourful and uplifting designs are available for licensing;  she also loves to create custom designs for like-minded brands in her signature style, but unique to you! You can see some of her wonderful collaborations here for a little inspiration!

Brook’s online store has a selection of limited edition artworks with some other fabulous products from brands she has collaborated with. If you’re a buyer, and would like to see Brook’s full range of designs for licensing you can request access to her design library