Brook Gossen x Casely – Party Animal Rainbow Leopard Print Phone Case


Warning: this case may cause the uncontrollable urge to boogie! The Rainbow Leopard Print Case is for the fun-loving and carefree out there. This case is decked out in funky patterns and pastel colors — it likes to move as much as you do!

Show the world you’re not afraid to cut loose with this eccentric and out-there style. A phone case is just another way you can make a statement, so why not have fun with it and go a little crazy? After all, your phone case is another accessory, so try matching and clashing this case with all your best party ‘fits. 

Go dancing without a care in the world when you have solid protection. Hit the dance floor, make some moves, and if your phone goes flying, you don’t need to worry — this case is tough enough for even the most adventurous party animals

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Please note – price is the starting price and depends on phone model and may be subject to change x