Brook Gossen x Casely – Sunny Days Phone Case


Always have a pocketful of sunshine with the Sunny Days Case! Bright and peaceful illustrated suns chill out on this cool clear case. This design also features colourful sparkles that radiate off the sunny faces and dance around the whole case.

Casely is an online tech-accessories retail destination based in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, serving young style mavens all over the world.

This sleek case is guaranteed to get those good vibes flowing and help you focus on all the warmth in your life. Next time you’re feeling blue, just take one glance at your phone, and you’ll be transported back to your favorite sunny day!

You’ll find a smile on your face every time you look at your phone. Plus, you’ll also be glad next time you drop your phone and realize it is scratch-free! Yep, this durable case can handle falls, scratches, and bumps with ease. Don’t leave your phone naked again — protect it with this case and skip into summer feeling carefree!

Please note – price is the starting price and depends on phone model and may be subject to change x