collage No 12


Collage no 12 – rainbow city

Brook created a series of collages just for the sole purpose of play. It was time to create something just for pure joy, rather than considering client needs or a specific outcome. Brook was experiencing burnout at the time, and getting back to basics with paint and papers helped bring back her mojo! Now she wants to pass that joy onto you and share her love of creating simply for play, by offering her favourites with you.

Each collage is unique and one of a kind! They are all handmade using painted papers, and then hand cut and pasted with love and joy by Brook. Please note that this is a handmade artwork so there may be slight imperfections. This just adds to the charm!

If you’d like Brook to create a custom collage for you, just get in touch!

A5 unframed, signed by the artist.

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