Brook Gossen x iCraft – Rainbow


This illustration represents one of Brook’s explorations of color and shapes as an expression of joy and positive energy.

Once you have completed your needlepoint, this piece can be used as either decoration or a pillow cover.

Screen Size: 25 x 25cm

This iCRAFT KIT includes:

– Screen – Design printed on mesh size 10;

– 100% cotton threads;

– 2 tapestry needles;

– Instruction manual;

– Flyer with a brief biography of the author/designer and other drawings by the same author that is also available on our website;

– Small cloth bag for thread;

– Cloth bag with handles for easy transport of your project.


– In case you are going to make a pillow cover, we recommend that you see in the instructions manual which are the most suitable points, in order to have a more resistant finish;

– This kit does not include the material needed to make the pillow, namely fabric and padding;

– Bearing in mind that each monitor has different calibrations, there may be a difference between the screen colors and the line colors.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices will be in euros on the iCraft website and our price is just an indication and is subject to change